HVAC data collection acquisition on the cloud. Solution for smart buildings

Building data collection made easily accessible and shareable on the cloud FDD software SBDaaS.

what is Surveyor.city?

Cloud Software

This platform is meant to do continuous HVAC building automation systems data collection, uniformize and centralize it to the cloud. Building reports just got easier. 


  • Non-intrusive
  • Multi-platform
  • Shareable
  • Independent from controller manufacturers 

Basically, it is accessible to all!

What it will do for you

Data Collection

Of the various building automation platforms (BMS/BAS)



And Uniformised throughout all your automation platforms

Global overview of your buildings

Surveyor.city gives you the tools

To do  HVAC data collection acquisition on the cloud of all you sites
To help in  smart building data energy optimization and efficiency

To access and share your data and building reports

Savings on operations and energy

Up to 15% energy cost reduction.

Up to 25% operational cost reduction

By indicating inefficient faults and premature damage operation

Get your analysis services or experts access and discover opportunities

what surveyor.city offers


Fault detection, energy optimization opportunities

Reporting of the data and their trends 

Nomenclature creation for the control points

Direct connectivity to the database

Measure and verification of the projects 

Queries to the data  

Standardized language

Of the collected data 

Easy consultation 

Simplified analyzes  

Cloud SaaS structure

 Avoid IT infrastructure 

Avoid softwares licenses fees 

Accessible from anywhere 



Represent 0.25% to 1% of the yearly energy costs

Remote Installation

Making it easy and fast


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